Fastforward Innovations Shares Rise 12.8% As They Increase Their Share In Yooya Media

‘We invest in companies developing emerging technologies that will shape the future.’ – Fastforward Innovations

Fastforward Innovations, a company that invests in new technology companies, increased their share in Yooya Media to 15%. Yooya Media ‘connects and unify the three linchpins of the online video market in China: rights owners, distribution platforms, and brand constituents.’

Fastforward Innovations, a company that focuses in investing in small, companies with the potential to become the face of tomorrow, believes that Yooya has the potential to go further. It is entering a new, but potentially growing market in a heavily progressing economy where online videos are very popular. This can typically lead to share price gains although as times have shown, the value of the technology might be overstated.

This acquisition has caused their share price to rise 12.8%. This is an impressive sight but as it is known, companies that invest in smaller, more riskier businesses can present a challenge in the stock market.

If your willing to invest in this company a lot of research is needed and you need to be careful.


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